August 13, 2009

On the bottle

Eccentricity and a love for trash are not qualities that I would normally entertain in a furniture designer but this chair by Pawel Grunert has me aching to give it a try, says SpaceTM's Mark

The SIE43 Chair was created for Milan's Eco Trans Pop exhibition from scores of PET bottles held together is a stainless steel frame. The phrase 'sculptural organic form' is an overused one in the world of furniture – and objects described by it would normally have me running a mile – but it describes this perfectly and I'm still here.

Much like the previously featured cardboard designs by Henry Pilcher, this transcends its eco and recycled origins to become a strong futuristic design piece in its own right. Practical too, as even the individual bottles can be replaced if they show signs of strain. It could be endlessly evolved and even customised if the replacement bottles were of a different colour.

Yes I suspect it may squeak, strain, bounce and pinch but it looks fantastic, has solid Eco origins and its form suggests it would be an interesting seating experience. I can even imagine an outdoor edition that would be fun and look great floating on SpaceTM's infinity pool.


  1. Beautifull Chair. Great Blog.
    I am going to talk about this blog in my own blog, from Brazil.

  2. Thanks Josafá. SpaceTM is crazy about the architecture in Brasilia. Maybe you could tell us your favourite space there, if you've visited, and we'll publish it.