June 29, 2009

Play Architect [002]

Anything that involves architecture in art always gets our attention. More so when it also uses LEGO says SpaceTM's Mark

The crumbling walls of Bocchignano in Italy have seen centuries of repair and addition as have the ancient walls in Tel Aviv and the war-scarred architecture of Berlin.

Above: Dispatchwork in Bocchignano, Italy 

Artist Jan Vormann has visited all these sites for his Dispatchwork project, filling and rebuilding the decay and scarring with plastic toy bricks. This deceptively simple motif is rich with comment on modern society's conflict with its past.

Above: Dispatchwork in Tel Aviv 
Craftsmanship versus mass production? Organic and natural materials versus harsh chemical plasticity? In Berlin, conflict itself is commented on by using a new generations' toy to rebuild the war damage caused by their forefathers.

Above: Dispatchwork in Berlin, Germany photographed by Kathleen Waak 
There is also a visual nod towards pixellation and new technology digitising, then corrupting and destroying our memories of the past.

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