May 25, 2009

Your Space [017]

"When I was asked to write about where my favorite space is in Paris, I found it almost impossible to narrow it down to one place. I lead private tours of the city and write a Paris blog, so I am always out and about exploring the city doing research and have acquired a large list of favorite places. I narrowed it down to the alleyway of trees in the garden of the Palais Royal. There is a certain serenity I feel sitting on a bench under the trees. I also love the symmetry and the way the trees are cut so perfectly square. When you stand on one end in the middle, it creates an ever so soft upside down 'U' at the end. It’s kind of neat to sit under the trees when it’s raining."

Richard Nahem, an ex-New Yorker living in Paris who leads private insider tours showing visitors the Paris most of them never see on their own (, and also writes a popular insider's blog Checkout the pre-launch of his new Paris cooking classes

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  1. So beautiful. I really want to sit under there when it's raining.