April 21, 2009

SpaceTM's Joe Talks Interior Decor With Our Lady J

Performer Our Lady J first made her name as the pianist in Justin Bond's backing band. Now she's striking out on her own with emotional renditions of tracks by Nine Inch Nails, Alanis Morissette and Dolly Parton. With London joining New York in falling at her knees, SpaceTM thought now's a good time to make her acquaintance and find out if she's a more Bauhaus or baroque kinda gal...

Where do you live?
Harlem. And I LOVE IT!
Ok, do you prefer... Minimal or ornate?
Well, glimpsing at my vanity alone, I would have to say "ornate".
Tidy or cluttered?
Tidy. "Hot tranny mess" does not apply here!
Country or city?
City... for now.
What's the favourite thing you own?
My computer. From the Apple Store. I'm obsessed with technology and how we're integrating machines into an essential part of are beings. We talk to, listen to and have sex with our computers as much as (or even more than!) we do other human beings... And I think it's beautiful.
What's your favourite kind of interior decor?
Right now in my home I have a mishmash of pagan, romantic and futuristic decor. Rich earth tones are the backdrop to golden statuettes. Sacred objects and alters live in harmony with the household necessities of the modern age.
And finally... where's your favourite space?
I'm always happy when I'm sitting on a piano bench. There's no place I'd rather be than behind the keys.

Gospel For The Godless at Southbank Centre, London, May 2nd, www.ourladyj.com

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